World-Class, Specialty Foundry Services

At its California plant, TSI is able to manufacture with a large array of versatile processes for standard and specialty technologies.

Specialized foundry services include analog/mixed-signal, deep-submicron, standard product solutions, automotive-grade, high-voltage BCDMOS, and technology capabilities utilizing novel materials, structures and devices.

High-Touch Customer Engagement

Through its Technology Development & Commercialization Services (TDCS) and foundry engagements, TSI enables customers to develop unique technologies and IP onsite at TSI foundries with advanced fab equipment, a disciplined manufacturing mind-set and technical organizational expertise.

TSI embraces new and unique requirements to help customers achieve technical, product and business objectives.

Flexible Options

Three options for Technology Development and Manufacturing Services:

  1. Off-the-shelf solutions
  2. Joint development efforts with its customers
  3. Port technology from other wafer fabs


Capable of serving a wide range of companies – from small start-ups to multibillion dollar corporations – throughout their lifecycle.

Close Proximity

Close Proximity to Customers’ Design and Engineering Teams

  1. Integral part of Silicon Valley ecosystem, enabling greater innovation, closer to home
  2. Close to customers’ design and engineering teams with our 8-inch fabrication plant in Northern California, in Roseville, Calif. (TSAm)
  3. Accelerated cycles of learning, yielding quicker time to market
  4. More control/protection over IP
  5. Customer engineers can develop, own and have rigorous protection of their specific technology solutions and IP

Proprietary, Customized Solutions

Proprietary, customized process technology solutions enable innovative, competitive products.

  1. Expansive facilities
  2. Broad array of process equipment, sort/test, failure analysis and QA/QC – at each facility
  3. World-class technology team to enhance and augment customers’ ability to achieve technical and business goals.
  4. Unique material capabilities, beyond traditional semiconductor fabrication offerings