We are TSI Semiconductors and we build great things

At TSI Semiconductors, our vision is to deliver world-class foundry and technology services with a personal touch, to a wide range of companies – from small start-ups to multibillion dollar corporations – throughout their lifecycle.


Empowering Technology Development

Our Technology Development & Commercialization Services division (TDCS) affords technology pioneers a fully-operational manufacturing laboratory environment to experiment and build their new IC product ideas. Customers can experiment from bare silicon to fully patterned wafers utilizing novel materials, advanced sub-micron technology, and alternative process recipes all under one roof.

Engaging Advanced Fab Equipment

TSI Semiconductors is leveraging its state-of-the-art process manufacturing equipment in new directions by allowing for the introduction of new elements into the manufacturing process.  Our fully integrated Element Review Board helps to ensure low risk exposure to product contamination.  Advanced technology equipment leveraged to your creative advantage – TSI Semiconductors.

Manufactured in Roseville, California, USA

Our Services

TSI Semiconductors partners with customers from a wide variety of markets. Our ISO, Automotive and Industrial Class Certifications, with our state-of-the-art contract semiconductor foundry, provide an environment that enables innovation and encourages success.




Life Sciences

Solar & Energy