TSI Semiconductors Foundry

Located in Roseville, California, the TSI Semiconductor foundry is able to manufacture with a large array of versatile processes for standard and specialty technologies, including analog/mixed-signal, deep-submicron, high-voltage BCDMOS, and solutions such as novel materials structures and devices.

TSI MPW Shuttle Runs

Technology Node2020
0.18-micron Logic, Mixed Signal/Analog, High Voltage141719141611

Standard Foundry Services

Our foundry provides a highly proficient and flexible platform for producing the most reliable silicon chips. For customers looking for a supply chain partner for LogicCMOS, High Voltage and Ultra High Voltage chip production, TSI Semiconductors provides an unparalleled level of efficiency, expertise and collaboration.

Custom Foundry Services

The TSI Semiconductors foundry is unique in its arrangements with customers to allow them to work side by side with our engineers in our foundry, maintaining the highest levels of IP security while benefiting from on-site collaboration. Our flexible approach to development and manufacturing allows customers to develop with a broader range of materials than other foundries.

Design Support Assistance

TSI Semiconductors is pleased to provide support from our key partners for both front end and back end design of integrated circuits.  Please see our EDA vendor tool listings for process development, physical layout, simulation, parasitic extraction and sign-off.