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Our Foundry and Technology Development Services work seamlessly together to bring your ideas from lab to fab securely and efficiently.

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TSI Semiconductors is a world-class semiconductor technology development and volume production CMOS fab that’s the ideal partner for a wide range of IC projects.


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  • Our foundry agreement with TSI significantly cuts fab cycle times, allowing for faster product development, test, and integration, and should accelerate our time to market with both existing and new customers. I could not be more excited by the dramatic improvement in development time our relationship with TSi allows.
  • JFE Shoji Electronics Corporation is an electronics trading company in Japan and provides not only logistics services but also wide variety of solutions to make customers’ products competitive in the rapidly changing electronics industry market.  More than 400 projects’ tape-out has been completed successfully by full experienced technical staffs and operation staffs in house.  They can commit high quality wafer foundry service with TSI Semiconductors and offer high-value-added turnkey services named “SIS”(Silicon Integration Service) which consists of various types of support services for every LSI development/production stage such as design, foundry, assembly, and test.  For more information, visit  https://www.jfe-shoji-ele.co.jp/en/business/foundry/

    Mac Sawada
    JFE Shoji Electronics Corporation