TSI Semiconductors is committed to protecting the environment.  We are committed to providing products that are environmentally sound throughout their life cycle.  All aspects of our business will be managed in an environmentally responsible manner, consistent with good business practices that provide a competitive return on investment and are in alignment with the principles set forth in this policy.


Commitment to Compliance

All TSI management is responsible for ensuring that their respective operations are in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and other company requirements.  Periodic review of environmental compliance will be performed.

Pollution Prevention

TSI is committed to pollution prevention and will proactively seek to reduce or eliminate waste materials from all of our operations.  Modifications of equipment and/or operating procedures shall be undertaken when necessary and practical to reduce the volume of industrial and solid wastes generated at source.

Continual Improvement

The environmental performance of TSI will be continually improved by setting objectives and targets that are monitored periodically by management.


Appropriate programs will be developed by TSI and provided to employees to ensure an understanding of the company environmental management system.  Through training and education, employees will have the opportunity to individually contribute to environmental resource conservation and protection.

Release of Environmental Data

TSI will continually work to ensure the accuracy of the environmental information it releases.  The TSI environmental policy will be made available to the public and other appropriate information will be released with due consideration for confidentiality.