TSI Semiconductors Technology

0.18-micron Process Platform

The 0.18-micron Process Platform from TSI Semiconductors is highly efficient and flexible, producing the most reliable silicon chips.
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Logic CMOS

The TSI Semiconductors 0.18-micron Logic CMOS process provides a broadly defined platform ideal for disruptive device technology requiring the ultimate in manufacturing flexibility.
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High Voltage

The TSI Semiconductors High Voltage process is the cost-effective choice for high voltage designs. Requiring fewer masks than alternative technologies, this high voltage process offers a broad range of application options from 12 volt up to120 volt processes.
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The TSI Semiconductors Analog/Mixed-signal/RF processes provide a choice of 1.8 volt/5 volt and 5 volt only options Both feature a 4-micron thick analog metal that supports high power and RF inductor performance.
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0.18um Design IP

Silicon proven designs for immediate customer use:
  • ADC Pipeline, 12-bit, 125MS/s
  • ADC SAR, 10-bit, 2MS/s
  • Voltage Regulator, 1.8V, ESR of 0.1 to 10 ohms